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Well, it’s official. This “second draft” of House of Cards is turning into an entirely new book. About the only thing that remains the same is the two main characters, the fact that they have a history, and who the bad guy is. I’ve changed victims; I’ve changed signatures; and just yesterday I removed the reasoning for the use of cards entirely (I’ll keep it for another book someday). Which necessitates my going back and taking out the early groundwork I laid for that thread of the plot. Joy. It’s only a net loss of 551 words–I just need to figure out what to put there instead. And you know what this means? I gotta have a new title. Right now I got nothin’. And without giving away too much of my new plot, I can’t really ask for good suggestions from you, dear readers. With luck, something will present itself. In the meantime, I guess it will continue to be called House of Cards just so I have something to file it as. I will ask this question though: where do y’all come up with your titles? This is not an aspect of writing at which I excel.

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