Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1032

Daily Goal: Met

It is so past my bedtime.  But I made my words!  I cut out one of the complications in my plot–it was something the killer did in the previous version that just didn’t fit with the way this current plot is going.  I’ll hang onto it for a different killer sometime, as it was some pretty decent material and well thought out MO.  But I was just getting way too over complicated.  I have a bad habit of that.  Clearly I’m not a fan of Okham’s Razor.   And I axed half my zany ideas for the next scene. I just couldn’t justify them.  I’ll chalk it up to lack of sleep and the absence of Pot’s restraining influence (as she has been moving and thus out of pocket).  😀  But I’m going again!  Woo.

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