Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1292

Daily Goal: Met

So I figured out what comes next.  Normally I really hate writing out of order and writing stuff backwards.  I like to figure out my plot and go in chronological order because that’s how my brain works.  Well this time it hasn’t been so bad.  Pot and I have come up with a lot of material that’s going in this long insert that really supports what comes later, and that’s gratifying.  I wound up finishing out today’s scene with something that had never occurred to me before that’s a perfect setup for her upcoming breakdown.  And now I have the aftermath and consequences of that, so I know where I’m going tomorrow.   I did a full read through today to get back into things and wound up finding a major error in my timeline.  It wasn’t a big deal to fix, but I had skipped a day.  I thought there were 36 hours between when one of the victims was taken and when she was killed.  There were actually only 8.  Had to fix that.  I finally named my lover’s lane, which made Pot snicker.  Rogers Bluff.  Which sort of wound up being a pun, though it was totally unintentional on my part.  Apparently back in pirate days “roger” was slang for copulation.  And Bluff sounds an awful lot like buff.  Well, we thought it was funny.  Anyway, must pass out now.

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