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Til Death: 246

Daily Goal: Not met

I did a lot of plotting today-some of it was new and some of it was mining through my google notebook and the copious chat archives of conversations with Pot.  I think I have all the threads that will come together to finish the second half of the book.  Tomorrow I’m going to put forth some effort at actually outlining the rest of the story.  I know specifically what happens in the next four scenes or so.  I started working on an addition to last night’s scene, but then realized it contradicted what I had planned for some of the resolution to the mystery at the end, so it got axed.  I also had a major breakthrough in how the Black Moment is going to play out.

Kind of sad, really.  I was on my own tonight and couldn’t seem to focus.  Tomorrow night hubby is having a musician friend over to write, so it won’t be quiet, but I can hole up after dinner in my office and be good.  And Saturday night he’ll be off at some video game tournament at a friend’s house, so I’ll have another opportunity to work uninterrupted.  In the meantime–SLEEPY!

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