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Til Death: 1372

Daily Goal: Met

I made really good progress with my scene today–it’s finished but for an emotional reaction that I need to plug in when I’m not in a frame of mind to think “okay she feels all warm and gooey at that…”. I’ve technically met my weekly goal for word count, and it’s only Friday night, so that’s probably a sign that I can bump up my weekly goal again. I’m finally getting back into the writing groove–yay! I think I’ll up things to 5k next.


Scratch that.

1395.  Scene is done.

2 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. So do you have a regular writing schedule, with goals? A word goal or page goal per day? I try to write a minimum of 500 words a day. Figuring I have 40 chaps, at about 2000 words per chap, it will take me 170 writing days for first draft…

    Now if I could just stop researching and start writing… I might get there 🙂

  2. My usual goal is 1k a day, 7500 per week, but I was out for a while and got out of practice. Plus, the day job that pays the bills has been demanding more time of late, so I bumped my goal back to 3500 per week, 500 per day to get back in the groove of things. Now that that’s sort of happening, I’m going to ratchet things up to 5k a week, which works out to like 715ish words a day. Ultimately I want to get back to the 1k a day. That means I usually make it through a first draft in around 4 months (in theory). Then come revisions, which are a whole other ballgame.

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