Daily Progress Report

Well, I didn’t get any draft material written today, but Pot and I hammered out a way to tie in one of the plot threads a lot more firmly to the whole story.  It will give me a way to torture my too well-adjusted hero, which makes him more interesting, gives more interesting dynamics to his relationship with Marin, as well as how he helps screw it up.  So I’m pleased with that.

Tomorrow’s assignment, figure out how to tie Marin in more firmly.  As Wyatt got tied tighter in with the ghost thread and the murders, I’m inclined to somehow tie Marin in better with the family history side of things.  The family history, the rest of which, I still need to write.  One thing at a time.

Pot and I were also working on a new sort of way to plot…kind of in ripples.  Take a simple concept, sort of the one line pitch and expand on it in more and more detail.  if it works out well, we’ll write it up and post about it.

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