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Til Death: 1244

I’m in note mode right now.  I cut off some of those heads and as usual, more grew up in their place.  So it’s back to the plot board for the moment.  I’m going back to the root of this story and starting from there, adding in details from broad to more specific, trying to work from the beginning to the end of the story.  The realization that I had today is that this book isn’t mystery and it isn’t suspense (at least not in the sense that I was trying to write).  What it is, is a ghost story.  I’m not sure what the hell that makes it. Paranormal I guess.  In a broad sense anyway.  It’s not what I originally planned, but what I originally planned wasn’t working.  I wanted to get back to basics to try to control my tendency to replot everything when I get to the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle.  I think I made some good progress on my plot summary tonight, but I’m still not finished.  Will work on it some more tomorrow.

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