Almost Home…

Well I’m writing this post from the updated WordPress 2.7.  They’ve gone and changed the whole dashboard.  After jumping through a few hoops to deactivate one of the plugins that was preventing my menu from showing up, I finally have full functionality back.  Yay for that.  The new dashboard doesn’t totally suck, but it’ll take some getting used to.

I finished up my opening scene in my wolf story (Pot has requested an ixnay on the “wolfy”, as she’s not loving the “y” words).  It’s a short scene–just a bit over 1k, but I feel like it gets the ball rolling pretty quickly.  I’m chewing over how I want to handle the next scene.  I’m only at 380 words for the day as Mom and I have been cleaning my grandmother’s house from top to bottom (as she’s not able anymore).  It looks a lot better now that I’ve pulled my Cinderella routine on the floors and counters and such.  Smells better too.  There’s nothing like the scent of lemon.

We’re headed home tomorrow, which will be good for our sanity.  We’ve been having to bellow to be heard over the TV (which is all the way up).  And my grandmother just said “I can’t understand you when you talk so loud.”  Um…then turn the TV down and put in your hearing aids…   I’ve missed hubby and my poochies terribly.   I’ve got loads to do on my class, as I wasn’t able to work on anything here.  So I lugged 50 pounds of books for nothing.  Joy.   I thought I would at least get a little more reading done (I’m woring my way through Wolf At The Door by Christine Warren), but not so much.  When I get back I’m going to have to set up a much more rigid schedule in order to get my class lectures finished.  Which means I’ll probably be on fire to write fiction–that’s how it always worked during finals in college and grad school.  Sadly, as a paycheck will be dependent upon their being finished, I shall have to resist.

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