Fess Up Friday

Well, it’s official.  I jumped into my wolfy story last night.  It was kind of a trickle…only 255 words after I talked Jen‘s ear off with the concept.  But she helped me figure out some holes in the plotline and work out one of the major relationships in the story so that it’s not so convenient and unbelievable.  So it was definitely a productive conversation on my end (I may have bored her to tears 😀 ).  I opted to open in my heroine’s perspective as she’s getting into it with the police inspector who’s going to be causing her all sorts of trouble.  In this book he’s the bad guy.  However, I think the next book may be his story.  Anyway, rather than starting at the “beginning” as I often do, I’m jumping right into the action.  I’ve been inching along with it today (hard to concentrate over the blaring TV, as my grandmother refuses to use her hearing aids–I’ve had earplugs in all day so I don’t go deaf) and have added another 400 words.  That’s a big accomplishment given the environment I’m working with.  I’m going to try to eek out another 100, then go to bed.

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