ZoHo Notebook For Tracking Online Recipes

Well yesterday I posted my lovesong for Google Notebook as a means for keeping track of online recipes.  A commenter kindly informed me that Google’s no longer developing it’s Notebook feature or accepting new users.  Which was a big shock to me.

But fear not!  Those of you who thought, “hey that was a good idea, what should we do now?” there is hope!

I present to you ZoHo Notebook!  Which allows you to import your existing Google Notebook if you have one and even has a handy dandy plugin for Firefox (I don’t know if they have one for IE, but let’s face it, IE sucks).  I’ve just moved my Google Cooking Notebook over to ZoHo, and I have to say I like the interface better.  It has greater functionality, a tabbed system of looking at sections (as opposed to just a bar with a title in it), which makes it much easier to browse through your recipes.   And you can drag and drop those tabs to arrange them in whatever order you choose.  There are lots of other bells and whistles I don’t have time to try out just this moment, but I wanted to offer y’all the alternative!

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