A Musical 4th

My husband is a musician.  Incredibly talented, one of those annoying people who can play almost anything.  His primary instrument is guitar, but he also plays piano.  He’s been wanting one for ages.  But pianos, of course, are expensive, so we’ve never gotten one.  Oh, we’ve kicked around the idea of a full sized keyboard at some point but haven’t done anything with that either.

Yesterday morning I get a frantic phone call while I was in the shower.  “CHECK YOUR EMAIL!”

Okay okay.

My mother had forwarded us an email.  A woman in her office had a piano that had belonged to her daughter (who tragically died in an accident several years ago).  It was being stored in her church up to this point, but they are tearing the old church building down and she didn’t want the piano to get destroyed.  So she was giving it away for free.

We jumped on it.  So we’ve acquired an antique piano.  We’re bribing friends with beer to help us go get it on Sunday.  We’re really excited.  I never learned to play other than picking out my part for choir, but I always wanted to learn to play.  DH has always wanted one for writing (music that is).

Other bonus, it has to go in hubby’s office, which means that the disaster that is that space must finally be cleaned.  I am ecstatic on this point.  I’ve been wanting that done for months.

It will have to be tuned, of course.  And eventually we’d like to see it get refinished.  But it’s a piano! We’re really excited.  Add to that the homemade ice cream that I’m making for tomorrow’s cookout and it’s going to be a really stellar 4th.

One thought on “A Musical 4th

  1. My late step father could play 10 different instruments, sax being his primary. He traveled almost everywhere as a musician. He use to be on The Country Boy Eddie Show based in Birmingham. It’s a shame he never taught me or my brother how to play anything. I would have loved to learned piano. I’m betting your hubby will be different. Music is a wonderful gift!

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