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Okay I’m uber busy today working on getting things together to leave for the annual work conference later today, so instead I will leave you with video entertainment.

Last night was my first ever lesson on a motorcycle.  Hubby felt compelled to film it.  We both feel compelled to mention that the dogs on the INSIDE of the fence are ours.  The ones outside belong to the neighbors who don’t grasp the concept of keeping their pets safely enclosed.

And here’s an interview Nora did with The Washington Post that totally made me crack up over my morning tea.

Also, as I am travelling to the land of many bookstores, what awesome paranormals should go on my list?

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  1. Paranormals…oh the list is so long LOL

    Some recent ones I’ve enjoyed:

    Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen (1st in the Final Prophecy series) — I have Dawnkeepers and Skykeepers on my to buy list.

    Marked by Moonlight by Sharie Kohler (1st in the Moon Chasers series) — I have Kiss of a Dark Moon and To Crave a Blood Moon on my to buy list.

    Red and Scarlet by Jordan Summers (books 1 and 2 in the Dead World series) — I have Crimson on auto buy.

    Warrior and Guardian by Angela Knight (Time Hunters series) — Worlord (prequel of sorts) is on my to buy list.

    And I can’t not mention one of my favorite authors…Karen Marie Moning. I’m not sure I’d list her as paranormal but her Fever series is close. Look for 1) Darkfever, 2) Bloodfever, 3) Faefever (releasing in pb end of July), and 4) Dreamfever (releasing in hc Aug. 18). The final book in the series, Shadowfever, is due out next year.

    1. Oh great suggestions. Am fan of Moning and the fever series (though I haven’t gotten around to reading past the second one). Also have Nightkeepers on a list…somewhere, but thanks for reminder. Will have to check out the Kohler and Summers books too. Thanks!

      1. You may want to hold off on Faefever until you’ve got Dreamfever in your hands. MAJOR cliff hanger at the end of Faefever…been killing me for a year now!

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