A Novella At Last

After all the frustration and wailing and gnashing of teeth–okay I’m lying.  There was no gnashing of teeth, and it was really probably whining.  But anyway, after trying to think of alternatives to novellas to give away, I finally thought of a novella.  And damn if I didn’t plot the whole thing out in four days.  And it didn’t turn into a whole novel and go all rambly.  It’s a pretty tight, straight forward plot, with a beginning, middle, and end.  Should come in between 30-40k when I get around to writing it.

I am very, very excited.

I’m also very pleased with myself at how fast it came together from a plotting standpoint.  I know perfectly well that a 30-40k novella is half to a third of a full novel, and therefore should take less time to plot.  But plotting Hunted in Shadow took THREE MONTHS.  THREE!  MONTHS!  That’s a long time.  Four days is considerably more palatable and efficient.

I’m not going to drop HiS, but I figure that if I get my daily wad on on it, if I have leftover time to play, I can start pecking away at this one.  It would be cool if I could finish both by Christmas.

Anyway, here’s the quick and dirty gist:

Cade Shephard’s life began at twenty-three.  It’s been ten years since he woke up in a seedy, road-side motel room with no memory of who he is.  A self-made man and star on the MMA circuit, Cade has made it a point to live for the present.  But fire-starter Embry Hollister is about to change all that.  A figure from the past he can’t remember, she’s going to drag him back into the world that wiped his memory on a mission that’s  likely to get them both killed.  If they can survive the present, he just might have a future with the woman who gave him back his past.

If anybody’s got any ideas for a title, feel free to throw them at me.  I got nothin’.

7 thoughts on “A Novella At Last

  1. Congrats on your first novella plot! Sounds like it will be a good one, and I’ll look forward to reading it.

    As for titles….ack. I hate thinking up titles. That’s one thing I’d be more than happy to let some editor do for me!

    1. Unless the title happens to come first, I really really suck at coming up with them. They either wind up sounding silly or pretentious. And they rarely REALLY fit the story. But maybe somebody will think of something or something brilliant will present itself as I get to writing it.

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