BAM! It’s All About Emeril

One of the perks of being a Preferred Publisher with FoodBuzz is that I get the opportunity to participate in the Tastemakers program.  It’s a chance to try out assorted products.  My first package arrived last week, and it was all kinds of Emeril products.  The box had (as you can see) his all natural chicken stock, the chicken rub, a general spice mix called Emeril’s Essence, and some horseradish mustard (not pictured because it’s the only one I haven’t tried yet).

I’ve been playing with these all week.  The stock I used in my black beans and rice and in a batch of green beans.  It’s rich and flavorful and almost matches the stock I make myself at home.  If you’re not into making your own stock, this is far superior to the store brand or Swanson’s.  Well worth the flavor if you’re in a hurry.

The Emeril’s Essence I’ve put on fish (awesome), in green beans (less awesome), on my beef and mushroom kebabs (awesome), and in a beef and vegetable stew (awesome, recipe coming on Thursday).  I found this to be a really wonderful all around spice, and of the lot, it’s the thing I’m most likely to buy again once I run out.

The chicken rub I used, predictably, on some grilled chicken breasts.  My husband and I both thought that it had a good flavor, but was a little too much of…something.  Possibly I just over-seasoned the chicken. I would actually really like to try this again on pork.

Finally, there’s the horseradish mustard which I haven’t yet tried.  Frankly, I’m not sure what to do with it.  Neither hubby nor I are big fans of horseradish, though just from smell, it smells a lot like dijon mustard.  I’m inclined to try it mixed with something as a glaze on a pork roast.  I’ll keep you updated once I finally try it.

One thought on “BAM! It’s All About Emeril

  1. I missed out on that FP Tastemaker giveaway this time. I’ve used Essence before and I liked it. I used it on shredded potatoes that I pan fried and it was lovely. Essence is also good on fish. I have used his stocks before with much success. I have not tried the other seasoning blend. Thanks for the review!

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