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Because my own posts have been less than scintillating this week, I would like to pass on to you some links to Kari Stewart’s series on…well series.

Part 1: What kind of series do you have?

Part 2: Hoeroes, Sidekicks & Vilains: Who cares what these guys do anyway?

Part 3: Pacing and Flow: Zoom, rawr!

Part 4: Boom vs. Whimper: How do you end it?

Part 5: How to destroy a series

If you’re writing multiple related books, be they duologies (apparently THIS is what 2 book series are called–I never knew), trilogies, or otherwise, you should read these posts.  They’re well written, funny, and informative.

One thought on “Links For Series Writers

  1. oooooo, part of the reason I’m in research/inspiration mode is I’m toying with the idea for a series so these links (which still work) will come in handy. Thanks.

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