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Ever since I was introduced to Feath’s Tarot Readings (nifty little Magic 8 Ball style tarot readings), I keep popping over and asking it random stuff just to test its veracity.  So far it has been alarmingly accurate.

My friend who’s pregnant is, in fact, having a girl.

I should NOT have tried to leave early that day last week–totally got caught in the hall by my boss and had to make up a story about needing to meet the vet.

I’m supposed to have 3 children (which has been predicted before via other means and scares me spitless).
Well, this morning I started asking it questions about my writing.  Like if I will ever figure out the right internal struggle for Marley (Yes).  Will Hunted in Shadow ever be published (No.)  Should I give Hunted in Shadow away as a freebie on my blog?  Um…should I try to rewrite Hunted in Shadow? (No.)  Should I put Hunted in Shadow away permanently (Yes.)  !!!!Panics!!!!!!  Will any of my Mirus series be published (Yes.)  Will Totem (my YA trilogy) be published?  (Yes).  Will my career be in paranormal romance?  (Yes.)  Will Hunted in Shadow be published under a different title? (Yes.)  Oh well, that’s a relief.   Except if I’m supposed to put it away permanently and not try to rewrite it, how will it be published under a different title?

Clearly, this is all chance at play and an online fortune generator is not likely to authentically predict my career.  But since I put HiS to bed last week, the major problems with it have been nagging at me, and I struggle with what to do with it.  The novella is going well.  And how cool is it to see that percentage complete number rise significantly each day?  It’s one of the bonuses of writing something short.  I’ll probably finish it before I go back to try to revise HiS.  Feath thinks I should write Totem before I go back to revise HiS too.  Who knows?  It may take being away from it for a good long time before I figure out what to do with it.  My asking the cards what to do  about it shows how much I’m waffling on it.

If I set this book aside, I’ll never hear the end of it from my husband.  He is still furious with how I dealt with House of Cards (which I do intend to rewrite eventually). I definitely feel like I have a better handle on where my work is and whether it is up to snuff than he does (HE doesn’t follow the world of publishing; I do.).  I feel like I’m still in a learning phase.  Pot said she read somewhere recently that it takes 10,000 hours of doing an activity to master it.  Despite the fact that I’ve been writing since I was 12, I don’t think I’ve hit that 10,000 hours.  I’ve definitely learned an enormous amount from every book I’ve written.  But it doesn’t mean that I think they’re all in any shape to go out into the world.

My husband would say that I’m over critical and biased.

I say that a first book can make or break a career–or at least a particular name, and I’ve put a lot of time into developing this one, so I want whatever I send out there to be The Best That I Can Make It.  Better I be so critical of myself than to hear it from an agent or editor.

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  1. I’m supposed to have 3 children (which has been predicted before via other means and scares me spitless).


    I was suppose to only have one child — boy — according to a hand reading when I was a teenager. I’ve got four boys, LOL, maybe she goofed!

    Having the first one is exciting and nerve-wracking, hard in that you are going from a couple to a family. Second one is no less exciting or nerve-wracking and is hard because you have to find the happy medium of being there for two children. After that it’s just another mouth, LOL Seriously though, adding our third was easy and almost seamless. Adding our fourth, was completely seamless.

    Okay, 10,000 hours of writing! That’s 417 days of writing 24 hours a day! That seriously scares the crap out of me — I’m already grey, LOL. I average 3 hours of writing a day, it’ll take me over 9 years to reach that many hours — of course, by then two of the above mentioned boys will be out of the house, LOL

    1. It’s one of those things that both scares and comforts me. If I’m not good enough yet it’s because I have more to learn. But then…I still have so much to learn…

  2. BTW…on the fights. Hubby and son say the loser taps out (3 times) when they’re done or can’t take the ‘pain’ any more. Winner gets his arm held up. Probably not the detail you were looking for but it’s been awhile since Hubby’s been to one.

    1. Oh I know all the technical details of the fight. I’m wondering what happens after it’s all over, after the winner’s been declared and the event is officially over. Is there a press conference? A party? Do the fighters just go home or what? Your hubs probably doesn’t know that.

      1. If there is a press conference, he’s never seen one. He thinks there may be an after party but it’s not open to the public and is individual to the fighter. Usually, the crowd just gets herded out of the venue, LOL

      2. If you have three children I am going to laugh and laugh and LOVE IT.

        What kind of fight are you talking about? You know our friend Leigh was an ultimate fighter for years and now runs his own gym.

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