Help Me Title My Novella!

I conceived of this novella sometime during the summer when I was in the thick of writing HiS.  I made my notes, plotted it out, and let it sit.  I actually started working on it maybe a month ago, and I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made.  I even came up with a blurb for it:

When her father is captured by military scientists, firecaster Embry Hollister will do anything, break any rule to free him.  Unable to complete her mission alone, she turns to the only Shadow Walker who can help her—her father’s protégé and foster son, Gage Dempsey, whose memory was wiped years ago.  Embry and Gage must fight the clock—and their undeniable attraction—praying that his skills return in time to infiltrate a secret military base and rescue the man they both call father.

So now, I need a title. Since my skills in this area generally reek of suckitude, I’m calling for your help!  Possible titles that occurred to me are Shadows of the Past and Fire and Shadows.  Seriously, what is it about me and ____ & _____ names for stuff?  Shadow and Fang.  Pots and Plots.  Anyway, neither of these options particularly thrill me.  Have you got something better?

Central concepts: fire, shadow, memory, being caught between two worlds

A few notes: Shadow Walkers are essentially the Special Ops group of my paranormal world.  Embry is an agent for the Investigative and Enforcement Division (the FBI type group of the paranormal world).  She’s going rogue to rescue her dad.

If you happen to offer up something I love, you will receive my undying gratitude, mention in the acknowledgements, and the book of your choice from Amazon (up to $10).  Yes, the book offer is totally a bribe.  But seriously!  I used up my one good title for the decade on the YA I haven’t even written yet.

So roll in those suggestions!

12 thoughts on “Help Me Title My Novella!

  1. How about Rogue’s Fire (or Shadow)? Or, if they’re racing to rescue her dad, maybe Racing the Shadows?

    Possible synonyms for fire: blaze, bonfire, coals, combustion, conflagration, devouring, element, embers, flame and smoke, flames, flare, glow, heat, holocaust, incandescence, inferno, luminosity, pyre, scorching, sea of flames, searing, sparks, tinder, up in smoke, warmth
    How about Scorching Shadows or Embers of Memory?

    Possible synonyms for shadow: cover, dark, dimness, dusk, gloom, obscurity, protection, shade, shelter, cast a shadow, cloud, darken, dim, gray, haze, obscure, screen, shade, shelter, shield, veil
    Veil of Embers? Dark Rogue or Dark Renegade? Dark Choice?

    God, titles are hard! I currently have a possible story entitled, “Third Book.” As in, the third book in a series. Shows you how good I am at this! 🙂

    1. Ha! I am right there with you in the “Third Book” category of titles. HiS will be retitled at some point and right now it’s being called “Draft 2″…

  2. Woo hoo, you fixed the foster son problem!
    As for titles…
    Shadow Walker
    Fire and Rescue
    Firecaster (love that word!)
    Rogue Agent
    Urgent Rescue (okay, that’s cheesy)
    Break Any Rule
    (as you can see, these are all words from your blurb :-))
    I like LeeAnn’s Racing the Shadows, too
    I’ll think of some more…

    1. I’m trying to come up with something that really encompasses both of them because it’s jointly their story (rather than being more about one than the other). Since it is one of my Shadow Walker stories (I hope there will be others), I’d kind of like to do something that incorporates Shadow or Shadows somehow so that it ultimately becomes kind of a “thing” that denotes “oh hey this will be a Shadow Walker novel/la” to readers. Which is actually why I want to re-title Hunted in Shadow because it’s actually NOT a Shadow Walker story.

  3. What about ShadowFire (one word)?
    or Shadow Hunt/ed/ing (since they are “hunting” the dad)

    (Came across your blog through WABWM, great pitch btw!)

  4. The Smoking Shadows
    Two in the Shadows
    Remembering the Flame
    Ignition Point
    The History of Darkness
    Spark in the Shadow
    The Shade in the Flames
    Flames without light
    Shadows Extinguished

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