Pontificating Changes and Additions

Warning: This post was written while under caffeinated.  Oh, it is SO a two cup morning.

So as I’ve been working on my marketing plan for Forsaken By Shadow, I’ve been giving some thought to how I can expand the appeal of this blog to not just writers but readers as well.  You may have noticed I now have a free sample of FBS in the nav bar up there.  Which is all well and good, except quite a few of you have already bought the novella (:bows: for which I say thank you).  It’s fine for someone who just randomly stumbles over my site and stays a little while to browse.  But I really want to do something with actual content.

A few things I have considered:

  • Character interviews:  With my background as a therapist, I have been known to sit my characters on my metaphorical couch to talk about their issues.  I even started a separate blog just for that (though I never maintained it).  I also sometimes will tackle a scene in the first person to really get into the head of a character before I go back and rewrite it in third (which most of you know is my preferred POV).
  • Dunce Hat Days: From time to time I have shared funny stories about the idiocy perpetrated by my students.  There is usually fodder enough for a weekly post of this nature.  I have to laugh, or I’ll cry about the state of education.
  • Inspiration Days: I know readers are always fascinated by the question of where writers get their ideas.  I’m not comfortable talking about where the inspiration came from while I’m actively working on a project, but I could either go back and talk about it when a project is finished and out there or I could take a random stimulus/snip of information/whatever and talk about what my brain thinks of doing with it.  Just as insight into how my brain works.
  • Interviews: As so many people have been so kind as to let me come to their blog with a guest post or interview, I’d like to return the favor in a pay it forward kind of way and do the occasional interview.

Any other suggestions?  Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Pontificating Changes and Additions

  1. I particularly like it when you write on the blog or Twitter about your relationship with your characters and whether or not they are talking to you, and maybe a little bit of what they are saying. Not necessarily what they say in the book, but what they are saying to you. : )

  2. Interesting challenge. One option is to broaden the subject matter of your blog – which is what I’ve done. It has some benefits – I’ve encountered some great people over the web and found important support and encouragement. On the other hand I may have diluted things too much and become too general.
    But if you are broadening things – funny stories are always good.

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