Whip It Good!

Confession: I have gotten addicted to the Chat and Challenge at Romance Divas.  It’s a good old fashioned chat room full of fabulous divas (and even some diva dudes) who are all writing.  We do 20 minute writing sprints with starts signaled, variably, by harps, train whistles, or the crack of a whip, then the stop signaled by another whip crack.

For some reason I find this REALLY motivating.  I can usually get my words for the day done in 2 sprints.  It’s like, I hop on and the moment I hear the crack of that whip, I know it’s time to buckle down and work.  It’s GREAT!  My production levels are climbing back up to normal range (for me)–well except for last night when I got sidetracked by having to re-envision the intro to my heroine.

So yippee skippy!  If your word count is in a slump, you should join up and swing by.  They’re a GREAT group of writers, always ready to offer support or ass kickage as necessary.

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