Dr. Evil?

So yesterday it finally seemed to sink in for my boss when I pointed out that my coworker’s due date was 3 days ago and she’s going to give birth any day and then NOT BE HERE for about 6 weeks.  As in won’t be able to do stuff.  You should see the pile of stuff boss has given her this last week.  As if the GINORMOUS belly that appears it’s housing a butterball turkey and a half wasn’t clue enough.  But as I have said before, my boss is nothing if not entirely clueless.

And you know what my boss does?  I shit you not.  She giggled and started tapping her fingers together like some B movie villain as she talked about putting everything on me. Honest to God. I expected Mr. Bigglesworth to be perched on her shoulder.

MAYDAY!  MAYDAY!  Danger Will Robinson!

This woman is effing insane.


Chances are I am never going to be in a position where I can carry out any of my “I quit and you suck” fantasies (I’m just too chickenshit that I might someday need a letter of recommendation and don’t want to burn that bridge), but really, all I REALLY want is to GET OUT OF HERE away from HER.  Whenever I leave and for whatever reason I leave, I am changing my phone number  (or blocking all of hers–whichever is cheaper and easier with the phone company).  She is TOXIC.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Evil?

  1. Hi Kait,

    You are a grown adult, and I hesitate to advise you on how to conduct yourself online. But this post strikes me as “ripped from today’s headlines” and not in a good sense. I’m concerned that a prospective employer may Google your name and come up with a blog post griping about your boss. Even though your views are probably accurate and justified, it’s always possible – not to say likely – that someone unfamiliar with the situation might see the post as reflecting badly on yourself.

    Hopefully I’m wrong – but such outcomes are reputrdly more common than one might wish.


    1. That would be the entire point of having a pseudonym.

      I’m very careful about my two lives. Nothing that comes up under Kait Nolan links back to my real name, and nothing under my real name links back to Kait Nolan. Most of the results under my real name are someone else entirely. Even if you were to search the two names together, what comes up doesn’t indicate that they are the same person, so on this front I’m safe.

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