Admitting Defeat

I had high hopes that I’d be able to FLY through writing these lectures in two weeks and then get back to the far more interesting business of writing.  Um.  Not so much.  I’d hoped to get 5 or more lectures written during the work week.  I got 3.  It’s not so much that I’m procrastinating (although there is that because I swear my eyeballs are bleeding from boredom), it’s that I’ve forgotten a lot of this stuff, so I’m having to reteach it to myself before I can then regurgitate it and actually teach someone else.  My trying to get all 14 lectures written in 2 weeks is tantamount to taking an entire college class in 2 weeks + writing lectures for an entire semester on top.  Hence my I No Can Haz Brain.

So here I am at home, working on the weekend and looking longingly over at the sleeping pooch at the other end of the sofa and thinking “that’s such a good idea…”  I had to put my copy of Linger out of sight, lest I break and actually start reading it.  I’m hoping to get a lecture done today and another done tomorrow.  I’m thinking I’ll be doing good to get one done over the weekend.  So yeah, I admit defeat.  There is no way on God’s green earth I’ll get all these done before the semester starts.  Part of me is kicking myself for taking those 6-8 weeks off and not doing ANY class related stuff.  Except that I needed the break.  Course development sucks ass, and anybody who thinks that teaching is easy has never done it.  I’m just sayin’.

On the upside, I’ve been doing a lot of plotting between lecture writing and griping about it.  On my YA project and I finally started plotting the first book in my kitchen witch series.  I’m hoping to write it next year.

No idea when I’m going to really get back to actively writing.  I just don’t have the brain power for it right now.  So I’ll keep plotting stuff as it occurs to me and writing these lectures.  Eventually they will be finished.  I’m going to go fight the urge to take a nap.

4 thoughts on “Admitting Defeat

  1. You’re right about teaching not being easy. I have a friend who’s a high school history teacher, and he works all the time! It’s not one of the jobs you can “leave at the office”. I respect and admire anyone who can teach and do it well and with dedication, no matter what the grade. Teachers are never appreciated as much as they should be. And to teach AND write? Whew!

    1. Thanks. Yeah and the teaching and the writing are both secondary to the 40 hour a week evil day job in research for the lunatic boss. My mental ass is being kicked to the curb just now.

      1. What type of research do you do? (You can be vague if you’re trying to remain anonymous, lol.)

        1. My training is in clinical psychology but I work for a sociologist, so we do sociological research, a great deal of which has to do with HIV prevention interventions which I find horrifically boring.

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