Sunday Summary

  1. It has been what is referred to as a long ass week, culminating in a fit of angsty self-pity that even I didn’t want to listen to.
  2. I am currently mired in lecture writing for a new class on the psychology of learning.  I forgot how much I hated this class as an undergrad. I’m on lecture 5 of 14 and my brain is the consistency of tapioca pudding.  I opened the book yesterday to start Chapter 5, read one page, and immediately passed out for an hour.  Seriously, they should sell this as an insomnia remedy.  There’s been lots of reading, thinking, reading again, trying to understand and remember (because I definitely blocked a lot of this out), reading AGAIN to try to determine how this theory is different from the one they just talked about 6 pages ago (because inevitably SOMEONE will ask).  All in all, it’s been grueling and awful and makes me want to hide in a cave and never work again.   See?  Self-pity.
  3. After giving up on the lecture writing yesterday (14 slides into a 21 slide presentation), I started Maggie Stiefvater’s Linger. The text is green.  Perfectly matched to the book jacket.  The effect is kind of lovely and soothing (helped along by the fact that it is my favorite color and when possible I prefer to use green pens).  I’m not very far into it yet (there was frantic, last minute, cleaning of the house when I got 20 minutes notice that we were having people for dinner), but I still love Sam and Grace, and it was really comforting to sink into their story after the stresses of the week.  Definitely a filler for the well.
  4. Pot and I did a lot of brainstorming yesterday about my Edible Enchantments series, working out the sort of formula for each book. You know how series books that follow the same character always have a formula?  Like Laura Childs’ Tea Shop Mysteries always involve Theo getting involved in a murder mystery via functions of the Indigo Tea Shop.  Since Lorelei’s story has changed a great deal over time in terms of what it was to what it’s going to be, I’ve had to change a lot of my thinking.  It’s starting to shape up into something usable.  So for everybody waiting for my kitchen witch, she’s coming. I’m hoping to have the first book ready for release sometime next year.
  5. My husband is cooking breakfast this morning. This is a very unusual occurrence as I rarely allow other people in my kitchen.  But very thoughtful of him.  Once breakfast is had, it’s off to the office to do more lecture writing, during which I will be dreaming of this:

One thought on “Sunday Summary

  1. Glad you had a more positive spin to end the week and as far as the looking forward to the beach and hammock, think the rest of us would love to have the same spot to relax in! Have a good week this week..

    jackie ^_^

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