Surprisingly Positive Monday Morning

I just got off the phone with my department head for the official “You didn’t get the job and I wish there had been 3 positions instead of 2” call.  It was a nice conversation and I politely thanked him for the opportunity and explained that the timing wouldn’t have been great due to personal events and that everything worked out just fine for now.  He assured me that the major enrollment has doubled in the last three years and there will be additional positions and I’m first on the list next go round.  I asked him how the online program was progressing because, of course, I am most interested in that.  It’s moving right along, and the Department of Distance Learning would like to see a full degree program offered.  But all that’s up to the new department head, the search for which begins next month.  We’ll have an interim for the next year.  Thankfully, current department head is not retiring, he’s just stepping down and will still be around to declare my awesome to the new guy who won’t know me from Adam’s housecat.  We discussed what other core classes have not yet been covered online and generally I was left with a positive feeling that MAYBE in a couple of years, they might be in a position to want/need someone as a full time online instructor, which is what I wanted to do ANYWAY (remind me I said that this afternoon when I am back to whining about the course I’m currently developing).  And in the meantime, once I finish current course, I will be in a position to write more.  So…we’ll see.

In other, surprisingly positive Monday morning news, I had a Jillian workout first thing that did not involve jumping jacks. There is a God!  I’ve picked up The Biggest Loser for Wii, which works and is totally kicking my butt, but there have been lots of jumping jacks (which I consider the bane of most exercise), and ergo lots of swearing.  So starting my Monday with NO jumping jacks makes me a very very happy Kait.

Must get back to lecture writing–operant conditioning today.

3 thoughts on “Surprisingly Positive Monday Morning

    1. It’s getting there anyway. I’m not so great with the patience, but I’m working with what I’ve got!

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