Fandrew Con 2011

We are in a flurry of prep here at Chez Bischoff for Fandrew Con 2011.  Okay really we’ve just finished caffeinating, starting some taco soup in the crock pot for lunch, and are about to get clean so we’re fit for public presentation.

The darling Lauralynn Elliott arrives at NOON.  And we just got a text from Andrew Himself that he and wife Tracey have landed in Charlotte.  They should be here…at some point this afternoon.  And then FANDREWCON 2011 BEGINS!  I even made a sign! (proof that I should not be left alone with poster board and a box of crayons).

There are COOKIES (baked with special FandrewCon M&Ms, not that you can tell because the message kind of melted off when baked).  And there has been SHOP TALK.  It’s been awesome.

The big excitement for me yesterday was heading into Pigeon Forge and hitting up the outlets where the Levis Outlet (which did NOT have what I consider outlet prices, thanks very much) informed me that they have discontinued the 529s (along with a bunch of other female lines).  So then Susan was awesome enough to drive me around to THREE OTHER local stores that carry Levis where I BOUGHT THEM OUT of 529s.  Hey, when you find a brand of jeans that FITS YOUR BUTT without the GAPPY THING in the back, it’s worth investing.

Hubby texted me a picture of the 5 seasons of Supernatural that arrived yesterday.  So we’ll have LOTS of TV viewing pleasure when I get home.  Dean in high definition.  Oh yeah.  It’s research.  No really.  The hero in the book after the one I’m supposed to be plotting now is loosely based on Dean.  Except, you know, he’s a wolf-shifter.  So yeah.  Research.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Susan and I have been discussing web and Facebook stuff this morning.  The Facebook stuff still just boggles my mind but on the web site, I’m looking at creating a static landing page for the blog to make it more website-like, as there are a lot of searches of people just looking for me, info on my books, etc., and I want to make that easier for reader type people to find.   For those of you on who might like to do the same, here are the instructions we found (thank you Susan, whose google-fu is better than mine).  I want to try it on one of my non-active blogs to see how it works before I implement it.  I have no idea whether it will change the indexed addresses of all my old posts.

Wow, I’m just full of random this morning.

11 thoughts on “Fandrew Con 2011

  1. FundrewCon is more like it! *cringes* I’m jealous too, one of you better dance badly to ’80’s pop since I’m not there to represent. I’m definitely going to try the static page thing. That was the one thing I liked about my old, crappy webs website. Also, breaking up the YA from the non-YA would probably be less confusing for people. And I’ve never really loved that my heading says CONTACT THE TOILET BUSINESS. 🙂 I promise I’m not a plumber/author.

  2. You guys sound like you’re having a great time, and that’s the thing, you’ll probably keep having a great time. Look forward to hearing more updates, Kait! And I think now I gotta go find some cookies….

  3. Great poster! At Comic Con this year I was at the Supernatural Panel- they are all so pretty. I haven’t gone jean shopping in ages- I keep hoping to fit into the ones that are too small and taking up space in my closet.

    1. I wanted to set up a static landing page to make it a bit more website-like since many people who come here aren’t looking for bloggy goodness, but book info and stuff instead.

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