Sunday Summary

  1. Susan‘s house is quiet this morning.  The pets are outside, Andrew and Tracey are still asleep, and contrary to my non-morning person reputation, I am actually awake!
  2. Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN.  Lauralynn came and we all hung out and talked shop, and watched Twilight spoof videos on YouTube.  Once Andrew and Tracey got to town, we headed out for supper at the Smokey Mountain Brewery, where I felt very out of place amid all the Tennessee orange.  I am FAR FAR away from Bulldog country.  Lauralynn and I discovered that we are the only football fans of the lot.  Makes sense…we’re the only ones raised in the SEC.  Tennessee just got stomped by Florida because, well, it’s Florida.  It was a sad thing.
  3. Before bed last night, Susan and I did some brainstorming on Devil’s Snare and I think I sorted out a few more details of the second half of the book.  Not as clearly as I would LIKE, but enough that I can probably get started soon.  Act 1 is pretty thoroughly laid out,  so hopefully some of the other details will come clearer when I get into things and am more firmly into the heads of the characters.  Some of the details I was trying to cram into this book don’t really fit, and I figured out that they’ll work well for the book that comes after this–which also isn’t Revelation.  :headdesk:
  4. I did some work yesterday to create a static landing page for the blog to make it more website-like, so you may need to update some links directly to the blog.  
  5. Next up on the list, I need to do some updating to my Facebook page.  But that’s traumatic and stressful, so I’ll get around to it later.
  6. My GIT streak is most definitely over.  But that’s okay.  I’m enjoying myself immensely.  I’ll start over when I get back home.
  7. Gotta go, there are pancakes.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I had such a blast Saturday! I was really sad to leave. 🙁

    I’m glad you got some work done on Devil’s snare. You and Susan work so well together.

    I need to switch my domain to WordPress. There are so many things that need to be done to get a good website going. There aren’t enough hours! Grrrrrr.

    You have to admit…it was really fun breaking your GIT streak.Smokey Mountain Brewery makes some awesome burgers, don’t they? And oh, those cookies you guys made….

  2. Sounds like a heavenly weekend!
    Love the new web page kind of entry. Very nice and the ticker of books along the bottom.
    On Sunday, I read Red and I loved it – didn’t want it to end!! I can’t wait to read the Mirus series.

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