1-11 #ROW80 Check-in From The Trenches

I’m just gonna say it.  Life has been INSANE since work started back.  It’s just that season for us.  Assorted projects are ending, we’re working on grant applications for new funding, everybody’s remembering all the stuff that didn’t get taken care of before the holidays and is trying to chase down the answers now (which is a challenge).  So my blog posts have been happening later and later.  My apologies.

So the good news is that my planning on the Mirus novella is DONE and I dove in head first.  My YA hero is still scratching his head at the rodeo gate saying “Whaaa?”  Don’t worry Jake, I haven’t forgotten you.  But it’s been SO FREAKING LONG since anything truly sparked for me in my Mirus world, I’m taking the bull by the horns and hanging on for dear life.

Sunday was a plotting day.  Monday was 820 words.  Tuesday was around 650 (one of those days where I wrote and deleted prior stuff and I don’t know the exact total).  I’m peeling back the layers of these characters and getting to know them and their relationship better.  I’ve got today and tomorrow and then I’m headed to Kansas for my annual visit to one of my college BFFs for several days, so I’m not even planning to write while I’m there.  Got lots of good audiobooks to choose from for the long ass drive.

Since all my blog posts have been late, I wanted to point y’all to yesterday’s (proof that I actually do still have a brain) on Balancing Stakes.

And this amazing, open and honest post about depression by Jessica Corra.

And this equally awesome advice from RUMPUS about writing like a mo fo.

7 thoughts on “1-11 #ROW80 Check-in From The Trenches

  1. So are you going to be working on a YA and a MIrus at the same time? Because if you are, I have lots of admiration for you. I just can’t do it (unless one is a short story). I can’t write two stories at once.

    I hope you have lots of fun on your trip! 🙂

    1. Well not concurrently as in trying to write on both every day. That would be crazy making and I can’t shift voices that fast. But I’ll work on one until I get hung up, then flop to the other for a while until I get unstuck. I should theoretically always be able to work on SOMETHING, so that I don’t have actual downtime when one project isn’t clicking.

  2. Sounds like you’ve been making some major headway. Audiobooks is a good idea for a long drive. I’ll have to do that sometime if I ever take long drives in Canada again. 🙂

    1. Oh I listen to audio books all the time. And I live under 10 miles from everything in my town. It just means it takes me like a month to get through something 😀

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