Pray For Daisy

My dog Daisy is in the ICU.

At this point they are thinking either herniated disc or spinal stroke.  MRI on Monday to verify.  She’s stable.  We aren’t. We really really aren’t.

This is my baby.

The stroke is the better option.  No surgery, usually full recovery.

The herniated disc is surgery and a much longer recovery.

I am so freaking grateful right now that we have one of the top vet schools in the nation.  More news as we have it.

I effing hate the month of March.  Horrible shit always happens to the ones I love in March.

26 thoughts on “Pray For Daisy

  1. Prayers and best wishes to you for Daisy, your husband and yourself Kait. My heart goes out to you all, our furbabies are every bit as dear and beloved as any human child could possibly be!

  2. Oh man, I’m so sorry, Kait. I had a health crisis with my cat this month. He had emergency surgery on the 12th and when he came home from the hospital three days later, I slept on the floor with him for two weeks. He’s recovered from the surgery, but it turns out he has cancer, so he’s not going to be with me long. My heart really goes out to you. The waiting for news part sucks.

    Like you, I’m grateful because I live in a city big enough to have a 24-hour emergency clinic with a surgeon on staff overnight. I can’t imagine being out in the middle of nowhere and having to helplessly watch my baby suffer and die because there’s no one to help.

    I hope you get the best-case scenario and your dog makes a full recovery. I’ll be sending healing thoughts her way.

  3. Healing thoughts and prayers for you and your furbaby. I know there is no more helpless feeling than watching a pet struggle; I hope Daisy pulls through and is better than ever.

  4. I will say a prayer for Daisy and for you. My Chipper is getting older and I dread when stuff starts happening to him. 🙁 I hope Daisy will get better fast and, hopefully, there won’t be surgery involved.

  5. I’ve been waiting to hear what happened – thanks for posting. Poor Daisy! My dogs are my children, too. I totally understand. I’ve got a very old girl who I don’t think will keep her angel paws on earth much longer and it scares me. Her soulmate passed in ’06 at the all too young age of 9. This issue hits home with me and I’m keeping her and you in my thoughts.
    Come on, Daisy girl. You’ve got a lot of people pulling for you.

  6. Poor doggy 🙁 Having a sick pet is one of the worst feelings in the world. Hugs to Daisy and all her family, and I hope that whatever is wrong turns out to be nothing too serious and she can make a quick and full recovery.

  7. So sorry to hear about Daisy. Looking forward to hearing good news. Sending well-wishes and prayers. We have one cat, so I get it when pets become more like family members.


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