Tuesday Twitterings: A Mashup of Interesting Stuff

So hopefully you saw the good news about Daisy.   My attention span is still that of a gnat, but now it’s due to the bone-melting relief and not the unctuous anxiety.  I get to go see her again this afternoon, and I’m taking her some of her favorite chicken and rice.  In lieu of a serious post today, I want to direct you to a couple of other things.

1)  My weekly column at Curiosity Quills Press is up.  I’m talking about fear of failure and how writers should be crash test dummies.

2) You must go read Chuck Wendig’s post on How To Be A Full-Time Writer.  It’s awesome and bring up a lot of points that I bet many wanna be full-time writers don’t think about.

3) Equally awesome is Victoria Schwab’s recent post about the difference between Procrastination and Percolation.

4) Also a MUST READ is this fantastic article talking about Mary Sues, where the term originated and how it’s being totally misused to mean pretty much every female heroine.  This is important stuff and says a lot about the level of woman-hate that permeates our culture, even among other women.

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