Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. So the highlight of my week was that I won the costume contest at the Halloween Roller Derby match last night.   I went as a steampunk cowgirl.  SOOO MUCH FUN!  The corset was surprisingly comfortable.  More so than panty hose anyway.  I would be totally okay if this became an acceptable fashion trend.  It’s WAY more fun than my usual starving grad student chic wardrobe (aka, not chic at all).  Plus, I have a deep and abiding love of hats.
  2. We’ve had a cold front come through, so the weather is FINALLY gloriously, gorgeously FALL (at least until Friday when it gets hot again).    We even got to use our gas logs yesterday for a while.  It was lovely.  And I roasted the first marshmallow of the season last night at the Halloween party we went to.
  3. Perhaps most importantly on the writing front this week is that I got unstuck.  This necessitated going back and axing a couple of scenes, then revising my outline for the remainder of the book.  This new version is SO MUCH BETTER and fixes some problems I wasn’t even aware I had created with the original incarnation.  I clocked 1354 on Wednesday, 1660 on Thursday, only 452 on Friday (my mom called–she had a wreck–she’s okay, but it kind of took over my brain), and nothing on Saturday because I was busy making components of my costume.  I’ve got 3 and a half scenes to go in Act 3.  Not sure that I’ll get that finished before Thursday (the start of NaNo), but I’ll give it a big push!
  4. Riven will probably be on the backburner for the month of November.  I’m really pushing hard to finish the first draft of DOTH by the end of NaNo because I’ve been working on this book for A YEAR and I am ready to hand it off to betas.
  5. Only one more week until this blasted extended Daylight Savings Time is OVER.  Thank God.  The sun should be UP when I wake up in the morning!  I feel very strongly about this.
  6. The holidays are fast approaching.   In another week, I shall hit the OMG I NEED TO FINISH MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Mode.  Or rather, I need to START my Christmas shopping.  I have a plan for a few of the people on my list but I’m going to be floundering looking for Amazon wish lists for everyone else.  And for those folks who don’t have them…I don’t know exactly what we’ll do.  There will be baking involved,  I suspect.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. That costume rocked! And I noticed a couple of people mentioned on the post with the picture that it would be a good book cover. I agree!

    Isn’t this weather wonderful? I used to love hot weather…until the hot flashes set in. LOL I actually like daylight savings time because it gives me daylight time outside. With standard time, it’s almost dark when i get home from work, so there’s no time to do anything. However, I do agree that it’s nice to have daylight in the mornings.

    I’m glad you finally had a breakthrough on DOTH. I bet that feels good!

    Christmas shopping? Aren’t you supposed to do that in December??? LOL

  2. Woohoo! You should enter your costume photo in #theRedhots Halloween photo challenge! I’m hosting a book giveaway with Marcia Richards and we’re asking for Halloween photos!

    And hey, do you play roller derby? Whether you do or don’t: what would be your derby name? I don’t play, but I would call myself Pain Austen! 😀

  3. Eek, Christmas shopping! I’ve only gotten a few items so far.
    Love the costume! I’d be all for wearing corsets. They make you stand up straighter, too!

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