Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update (Late)

I started this post last night but couldn’t finish it as apparently the latest Java update made my touchpad go psychotic.  The cursor was jumping all over the screen so bad, I couldn’t type a single word.  A system restore seems to have fixed the problem, but in a separate and unrelated incident, I got water in my keyboard and killed my down arrow key.  Not as bad as it could’ve been, but I use that thing all the time.  Sigh.  Ordered a replacement keyboard from eBay.  Last time I had to do this was because I vacuumed off one of the keys trying to get the dog hair out.  So that hasn’t been a particularly awesome start to my rainy, dark, Daylight Savings Time [insert much profanity] Monday.

I was a busy bee this weekend while still managing to get SLEEP.   Ten and a half hours Friday night, eleven Saturday night.  Of course with Daylight Savings Time, I feel like my day is ending WAY early and my body is all “what the crap? It’s not time for bed yet!”

I had a good writing week with a total of 5062.  I’m quite pleased with that.  With some good brainstorming with Claire and Mhairi, I came up with the pivotal scene in this book.  I’m not quite finished with it yet, but I’ve made good strides.  Plugging away.  I should get close to knocking out Act 3 this week.  It’s going to take a little bit longer than I thought to knock it out, just because I ended up inserting a chapter and I haven’t been cranking out quite as many words as I’d like.  It’s going to come out at an awkward length.  I’d intended it to be a novella, about 45k.  It’s going to end up somewhere closer to 55-60k, which is long for a novella but short for a paranormal romance novel.  Ah well.  It is what it is.  The story’s getting told and probably Mirus fans will like having more than the quick 28k adventure they were left with last time.

I didn’t get much done on my various toolkits this week.  Didn’t have a lot of spare time, and what I did have was spent working on a promise crit.  I’m hoping to knock that out this week.

Excuse me, I have to go try not to fall asleep at this staff meeting.

One thought on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update (Late)

  1. I am still hung over from the blasted change to Daylight Savings Time, so I totally sympathize. Even so, it sounds like you are tacking down the rest of the story, so woo-hoo!

    As for the length, perhaps I’m fooling myself, but I think the length Nazis are losing their grip in the digital world. I don’t think “dang, that’s a long novella” in reaction to the number of dots under the title on the Kindle.

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