Remember the Positivity Project?

So, remember a while back (September) I talked about The Positivity Project, wherein I intended to retrain my brain to be positive and happy?  We’re six months in and last week I’m posting over here about being a rage beast, and I forget to post over at the blog I set up for that purpose more often than not and…yeah.

There’s been…life stuff.  And frustrations.  And lack of sleep (damned Daylight Savings Time–it makes me want to punch people in the face).  I could lay it all out, but I won’t.  That’s giving all of it more power over me than I want.

I never said it would be easy.

I haven’t given up on this idea of positivity, but I’m going to be changing my means of going after it.  For one, I’m going to shut down the other blog.  I have a sickness when it comes to starting blogs.  Since I met Susan, I’ve probably started up twenty for various purposes.  I kid you not.  It’s a sickness, this notion of neatly corralling a subject matter to its own blog. I’ve trimmed down over the years, and I’m pruning that one and just going to bring my pursuit of positivity back over here.  Because it’ll do us all good for me to talk about the positive.

Claire’s got a nifty project of giving thanks for something everyday on Twitter.  Susan’s getting all self reflective these days over at Hunting High and Low.  And then there’s Justine Musk, who almost always has something thought provoking going on over at her blog.  So there’s lots of awesome thinking and self reflecting and positive stuff going on around the web these days.

I don’t know exactly what shape it’s going to take yet.  But I’ve signed up to be a Happify Pioneer, so I’ve got somebody poking and prodding me to remember that I’m working on all this!

Here’s to the positive!

Yays of the day:

I got to start my morning with the Lionel and Jean wedding on As Time Goes By, which has left me grinning stupidly.  I love that show so much.  Judi Dench is Da BOMB.  And my “The evil government has messed with my sleep schedule” headache seems to have finally passed.  It helps that it’s actually sunny instead of dark and rainy this morning.

2 thoughts on “Remember the Positivity Project?

  1. I really like Happify. It’s a positive sort of place. It occurs to me that I like to work through things by dragging through a lot of painful crap and then putting some kind of positive spin or outlook on it. Maybe there’s a way to skip or streamline that first part?

  2. I’m glad you’re bringing it over here! Especially if it will help. It really is hard to remember. Every time I see Claire’s #365thanks, I’m like WHAT am I thankful for today?! I could and probably did just complain about all sorts of crap, but it takes work to say what you’re happy about. Oy – so backwards. Going to check out some of the other links 😀 Cheers for your yays!!

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