Coffeeshop Revision Cave

I feel like I’ve forgotten to post more and more often over the summer.  Some of it is because I haven’t had a lot to talk about.  But more it’s that I’ve been so flipping busy.  I’m hoping that is going to slow down here soon.  See, since January I’ve been busting my hump to write a new class.  Researching, writing lectures (on 15 chapters), creating assignments, tests, recording those lectures, editing those lectures (because I teach online and that’s how it works), creating the infrastructure for the class–it’s all time consuming under the best of circumstances.  On top of one full-time job that’s been increasingly busy and the half-time teaching load I had on top, AND the books I’m writing to write, it’s been…shall we say, cognitively taxing.  I’ve got another week of crazy before class starts (and then all the inherent kinks to work out), and then HOPEFULLY things will slow down.  The class will be DONE, and then it’s down to managing.

What I hope will be coinciding is that is the finishing of Riven.

This morning I got up early (less by design and more because I just woke up at 7:45 and chose not to go back to bed), got my shower, threw some soup in the crock pot (to take to a friend who just had a baby), and headed into town.  I’m now camped out in my favorite booth at my favorite coffee shop.  For the price of some truly superb lemon poppyseed cake (as if THAT’s a hardship) and whatever else I decide to nosh on today, I’ll be ensconced here all day, headphones on, Spotify playing (presently the score to Olympus Has Fallen), busting my ass to finish these revisions.  The plan is to finish the drafting of this draft today and spend tomorrow doing line edits while hubby is at work.  I feel good about my chances.

I don’t do this often.  The whole coffee shop thing.  I used to LOVE this in college, but I haven’t really had a spot since I moved here (nearly 10 years ago).  This place just opened in the spring and it absolutely has the vibe I like.  AND they serve REAL TEA.  GOOD tea.  None of that paper teabag crap.  It’s loose leaf in silk bags.  :swoon:  Plugs are plentiful and they’ve got this whole huge space in the basement (a great room with these gorgeous exposed brick walls) where people tend to congregate to study.  One wall is lined with big booths, long enough to stretch out and take a nap on, with dividers going up to the ceiling, so you feel like you’re in your own little cave.  For the moment (because the semester hasn’t started back here), I’m alone down here while all the early risers with small children do their social thing upstairs.

Time to get to work.

3 thoughts on “Coffeeshop Revision Cave

  1. Whew–I’m tired just reading this. I used to go to Starbuck’s every morning on my way to my day job — I’d hang out to wait for the second bus I had to take. Since the arthritis in the knees, I have trouble getting on the bus and it turns out it’s cheaper to cab it to work. I’d always see something I wanted at Starbucks and that cost me. But I did get a lot done while I was waiting for that bus.

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