Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I’m getting a late start to the writing portion of my day.  After yesterday’s marathon at the coffee shop, this morning I had to do housekeeping stuff like laundry, a run to the grocery (in the next town over, as the students are back and the shelves here are totally wiped out), dishes, and such.  And I’ll be taking a break in a few hours to take soup and cornbread over to my pal who just had a baby.
  2. I didn’t finish revisions yesterday.  The final action sequence needed to be broadened and deepened, and that took some time to figure out.  But I made beat by beat detailed notes, so I’m about ready to dive in here with that.  Hopefully my brain will cooperate.  I’m a little concerned that its primary focus at the moment is the prospect of a nap.
  3. My in-laws took our niece back to her parents today, so life is about to get back to routine around here.  My waistline will be grateful.  Family being in town means lots of family dinners and dessert!  Which is great but always adds some poundage as I seem to be physically incapable of restraint when faced with yummy food.  I’ve got a nice lean menu planned for the week, and definitely need to work on eating our way through what’s in the fridge.  I think the bunch of kale that got shoved to the back of the produce drawer is a goner though.
  4. Daisy starts a short booster period of physical therapy this week.   The physical therapist is really looking forward to seeing her.  They had mutual adoration and Daisy definitely enjoys the one on one attention.
  5. I’ve been listening to the first of Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series.  The concept is entertaining (the town doesn’t have enough men and the heroine gets hired to bring in more male-centric businesses to town), but the narrator is driving me nuts.  She’s got this high, sweet little voice that’s perfect for children’s books but it just doesn’t work for me for romance.  It’s like this whole “Oh isn’t this cute?” tone that makes the story seem really silly.  I realized after the fact that there have been other books narrated by this particular narrator that I never finished for the same reason.  Since I’m actually liking the book, I’ll finish it, and then work my way through more of the series in print.
  6. This week is the big push to finish putting together everything for my new class.  I’ve got 2 lectures to re-record, 10 to edit, 7 more chapters of test banks to finish, and the rest is mostly tedious setting of dates and uploading things into the system, except for deciding what my practical application assignments will be.  Fingers crossed that I get everything knocked out in time.

One thought on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Kait–I had the opposite happen to me. I was listening to a book and loved the narrator, but didn’t like the story. But I’ve listened to books where the narrator just doesn’t work.

    I should have gone to the grocery today, but didn’t feel like it. So now I have to go tomorrow night.

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