End of Revision Hell


After a brutal 2 day push this weekend and nearly 4,000 new words, I have finished with the second draft of Riven.  I am now a puddle of rather useless brain goo.

Tomorrow begins the less brain intensive pass for stupid crap, redundant words, excessive use of “that” and “like” and the various other assorted bad habits I apparently developed in this book.  The clean up and line edit.  The make it as clean as humanly possible pass before sending it on to CPs who will hopefully tell me it’s fit for public consumption with minimal additional work.  Then, finally, FINALLY, I get to move on to the NEXT BOOK.

3 thoughts on “End of Revision Hell

  1. Yay! Sorry about the brain goo, but I’m so very excited about this book! I’ve been looking forward to it so much!

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