Is It Really Tuesday?

I’m going to be off all week…but at least Friday will come sooner!

Late post today.  Had to take Daisy to a neurology appointment this morning.  They’re not used to people who actually LIVE HERE and need to get to work.  Most folks come from around the country and are staying.  My boss is in Italy for the next 2 weeks (SO ENVIOUS OF THE GELATO), which leaves me de facto in charge while she’s away.   I fully expected that to mean I’d get slammed when I came in today, but so far it’s been nice and quiet.  Which gave me a great chance to write up my next concept application assignment for my new class.  I got to whip out my writing chops and create a fictional case study for them to analyze.  It’s not often I get to have actual FUN with an assignment.  I’ve got one left for the end of the semester.

After a lovely lazy Labor Day weekend, Priority One this week is knocking out the last of the revisions on Riven.  I want it out the door and totally off my plate so that I can turn my full attention to new projects.  I’ve got one scene that’s getting fully replaced.   Susan had an awesome idea for what would make it better, so I’m getting started on that today.  Then I get to start going through and making the final tweaks, deciding whether I agree with her suggestions or not (I usually do–she’s kind enough not to indulge in constant “I told you so!”).  So Be Careful will hang out on the backburner while that’s going on.

It is SEPTEMBER.  Holy crap, the year is FLYING BY.  It’s also hot as blue blazes.  But I’m grateful true Mississippi-style summer waited until the last week or so to make itself known.  Usually we’ve had this since July.

I’ve been doing a lot of listening to past reads in audio this summer.  Most of my Audible credits have been going toward nabbing old favorites I’m apt to reread in print.  And it’s been kind of interesting as I’ve done this because I certainly know the stories, but I’m getting different things out of them this go round.  Because I’ve changed since I read them the first time.  The one I was listening to on my way to Mom’s this weekend spawned two really productive plot threads for two different projects.  Nothing to do with the plot of the book I’m listening to.  It was actually a couple of lines of dialogue, a question posed by the hero in the story that made me go “Huh.”  And then start dictating Siri-bastardized notes into my phone.

So many ideas, so little time.  I listed them out in conversation with Susan last night.  Six series, two trilogies, and three stand alone novels.  And that totally doesn’t count anything that might pop into my head that’s NEW.  What’s in my head right now could easily keep me busy, full time, for the next 10 to 15 years.



2 thoughts on “Is It Really Tuesday?

  1. It’s really good to have those ideas, knowing they can keep you busy for awhile. Recording new ideas is so much easier now that I’ve embraced Evernote. Susan sharing her notebooks showed me how you can use it to plan things out. I don’t have to have a forgotten idea with Evernote on all my devices. Man, that sounded like a commercial.

    1. I have an idea file where I keep all of my ideas. I don’t quite have as many as you do, but it feels like it sometimes. My friend is on vacation this week and I kind of miss him and talking about baseball with him.

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