Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

Today feels like winter.  It was in the 20s when I woke up this morning (note to self, get up earlier on days you need to dry your hair…).  Do you know what this means?  It means I get to indulge in three of my FAVORITE THINGS: sweaters, coats, and hats.  I totally live in the wrong part of the country for this, as it will be in the 70s again by the weekend, but for today, I’m rocking my Irish in a fisherman’s sweater, tweed cap, and pea coat.  I’ve got Celtic music playing on Spotify to go with the mood.

It’s been a very slow week on the writing front.  Sunday I was tied up with other things and Monday I couldn’t focus to SAVE MY SOUL.  I did churn out a bit over 800 words last night that will, I hope, get me unstuck.  I’ve got today and tomorrow, and then I’m out of town for three days with a wedding.  I’m taking my laptop, on the off chance that I can manage to write in the car on the 10 hour drive both ways, but this was a fail the last time I tried it due to both the glare on my screen and the presence of, you know, other people.  I’ll take a notepad in case I actually manage to DRAFT BY HAND (imagine that).  I feel my deadline creeping closer and I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  It’s probably going to take me to the end of the month to knock it out and even get it to second round betas.  Fingers crossed that whatever they send back will be minimal.

I’ve got a new heroine kicking around in my brain.  Just flirting.  She’s incredibly isolationist, even more of a hermit than I’m inclined to be.  She hasn’t told me why, and I don’t know who the hero is that crashes into her hermitude or why.  But I’m curious.  We’ll see what she reveals over time.

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6 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. It was in the twenties here, too. But part of the reason I DON’T like winter is sweaters and coats. I don’t even like long sleeves. But they are a necessity right now, so I have on a sweatshirt today. LOL

    1. Lauralynn,

      You and Annalise are weather sisters. It was in the teens the other night, and she went out in a sundress, bare legs, and a fall jacket that she had off more than on!

  2. It’s in the 60s here in Fla, which means the natives are all in their South Park parkas and bobble hats and my husband waltzing around in shorts and t-shirt. It also means all the windows WIDE OPEN so the baking may commence!

    I don’ t miss the weather from Up North per se, but I miss the city living and the changing of seasons. I love autumn apparel! Altho there’s something inherently satisfying about waking up on Christmas morning to clear blue skies and palm trees…

  3. I love picturing you in your sweater, cap, and pea coat. I had a pea coat, some years back, and loved it. Just a thought – but you’d get a lot more time to wear those delightful those things (and a lot of Irish – honestly,as I was typing this, a claddagh ring commercial was on my TV! – in upstate NY. It’s been cold here, in the teens and 20’s. It’s up to the 50s now, but rain is coming.

    I have a hard time with writing away from home. It upsets my rhythm to the point where sometimes I am tempted to cancel everything when the story gets “hot”. Maybe you will get a few words in during the weekend – and maybe that new heroine will kick up her heels or tuck herself into a corner of your mind for the weekend, and maybe Mr. Chaos will come up and ask her to dance…

    I’m off to look up Celtic music on Spotify, and wish I had a pint of Guinness, now! =D

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