Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

It’s been a super crazy week.

  1. I spent most of the week tied up with data collection for the Evil Day Job. That meant working late most nights, and that cut into my writing time for the week.
  2. I still managed nearly 6.5k, despite the interruptions.  Had some break throughs in some of the relationship dynamics, which was great.  I’m making some really nice progress on TGMTY.
  3. I’ve somehow managed to injure myself IN MY SLEEP.  Woke up at 6 this morning in agony with some kind of…IDK…monstrous crick in my shoulder.  Like hurt so bad I nearly screamed getting out of bed and was almost desperate enough to take some of the dog’s narcotics (I didn’t, but the temptation was there).  I’ve been icing almost hourly since then.  I feel…better, but it’s still…wonky.
  4. It’s been a big kitchen day.  In an hour and a half, I managed to make gluten free pizza dough, gluten free banana bread, spicy black bean soup, tuna salad, and bag up the sunflower seeds and Chex for the week.  I’m now collapsed in my chair with my ice pack while I’ve got some brats simmering.  Tonight’s dinner plan is brats in a blanket and some fresh corn.
  5. This week’s experiment from The Uncheese Cookbook is the faux mozzarella, as I have been ready to murder for pizza.  That’s got to chill overnight, so we’ll see how it melts tomorrow night.  I nibbled a bit off the edge of the block and the flavor was surprisingly good.  Not mozzarella but cheesish.
  6. The family has voted me Saddest  Food Allergy.  There was much pity at my not being able to have cheese.  My MIL had requested my lemon icebox pie (I make kick ass lemon icebox pie) for dessert.  I tried a vegan version that was about like lemon snot, and I sure as hell wasn’t feeding THAT to anybody.  So everybody else got my kick ass lemon pie and raved, and I got…the other half of my coconut ice cream, which does not compare.   Dear body, YOU SUCK.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

    1. Hope you feel better–I always seems to injure myself (or at least be in pain for a little while) when I’m cleaning. I hate to clean so I think this is an excuse–LOL. The lemon pie sounds wonderful! Great job with the goals!

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