On Tacos and Getting Back on Track

I keep…not posting.  There’s been a lot of getting caught up at the Evil Day Job (a LOT).  Last week was a short week anyway because of MLK day, and then I was supposed to be on the road to Natchez.  And then that trip got cancelled.  And there was a bunch of rescheduling.  And then the weekend just got away from me.  There was a lot of cooking (when is there not?) and generally attempting to get back on track.

Hubs and I have one more week of Whole 30.  A week from today there will be TACOS in my life.  Can’t wait.

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It actually hasn’t been bad.  The food isn’t all that far off from what we normally eat because of our food allergies.  And I’ve discovered a few things that I LOVE.  Like monkey bowls.  Slice a banana, sprinkle with cinnamon and a tiny pinch of salt, melt almond butter and pour over the top and add unsweetened coconut flakes.  NOM.

On the writing front…last week was slow.   I was in the Act 2 slog.  And then I didn’t get a chance to write at all on Saturday.  Yesterday I did a read through of what I have (a little over 31k total so far), making note of what needs expanding or adding.  And today I’ve been pondering Act 3.  I had an Act 3 in my outline but it was all very vague.  Today I hammered out the nitty gritty of what it actually encompasses.  And I may have added yet another chapter…  But it’ll be the stronger for it, so that’s fine.  I need to kick it in gear to get back on track with the schedule.  I’m going to end the month lower than I’d planned.  I had hoped to be duplicating my NaNo success.  Or at least hit 40k.  If I bust my hump this weekend while hubs is at work, I might can at least get to that.  As long as I knock out this first draft by mid February, I’ll stay on schedule.  I need to be good and going on the 2nd book in Sooper Seekret project while this one is with my editor.  But I have knocked out three of my crits for the anthology I’m a part of, so that was a fair chunk of my time this month.  All in all can’t complain.

I’m on the road again tomorrow for the trip to Natchez that was MEANT to be last week.  Driving is always good plotting time, so I’m hoping to get some plotting done on said Sooper Seekrit Project 2 while in the car.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

3 thoughts on “On Tacos and Getting Back on Track

  1. OMG the monkey bowl sounds AWESOME. I can never try it because I’m allergic to bananas and almonds, but dang! Never knew it existed.

    Tacos are cool. 🙂

    Hugs on the Act 2 slog. I know that feeling. Hope you are able to beat it!

  2. Driving does seem terrific for thinking time. Not much else to do, especially on long stretches of turnpike where the road looks identical for 4 hours!

    Also, now I want some tacos…

  3. That’s the framily plan mom! She was married to the hamster! (Sorry. Love hammies!) And who can disagree with tacos? Hope you enjoy them!

    Kait, you always get so much done. I hope planning/driving goes well. Be safe!

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