Charleston Vacay Day 2

No early morning wake up today.  Well, just before 8 rather than 6:30.  Hubs is still sleeping.  It’s another gloriously sunny day.  Probably muggy, though I haven’t stepped out on the back porch yet.

Yesterday we went into downtown Charleston to the City Market.  I wound up getting a nice leather composition book cover as my souvenir.  I NEARLY wound up with an Agent Carter hat.  It was SUPER CUTE.  But I just couldn’t pull the trigger to spend $85 (which, truly, isn’t bad for a Stetson) on a hat that I’m only likely to wear in the winter and even then not as often as I’d like.  Hubs got a new wallet and a cute little sculpture of a guitarist.  It was pretty darn hot by that point, so we had lunch at Molly Darcy’s Pub (the Guinness and onion burger is amazing, just so you know), then headed to the marina by the aquarium to board the Schooner Pride for an afternoon dolphin sail.  We only saw a few dolphins but the sail itself was totally worth it. It’s been fifteen years since I’ve been on a sailboat (the last time was when I was sailing it myself on Loch Tay in Scotland).  I’d forgotten how much I love it.  If we lived anywhere near a body of water where you could actually sail, I would absolutely have at least a little Sunfish.  But this was an 84′ schooner.  I got to help raise the sails, which was fun.  We got rained on by the end, so between the wind and rain, my hair was looking super fine (not).  Back at port, we took an Uber (this trip has been our first experience with Uber and it’s been awesome) back downtown for dinner at The Griffon Pub, voted (justifiably) home of the best fish and chips in Charleston.  After that, a quick stop in at the grocery to pick up some stuff for a picnic lunch for today, then back to the house.

Today we’re headed to Magnolia Gardens (hence the picnic), then on to John’s Island to see the Angel Oak and the Charleston Tea Plantation (because I’m me–of COURSE I want to see the tea plantation).  We’ve still got to sort out where to have dinner tonight for our last night in Charleston.

Then tomorrow, I’m thinking breakfast somewhere awesome before hitting the road and heading home.  Fast trip.  I’d have taken another day but my boss is preparing to leave the country for two weeks, so we’ve got a million and one things to sort out before she leaves at the end of NEXT week, so it’s back to the grind on Monday.  I wanted Sunday to recover and do things like hit the grocery store and finish up laundry.  We’ll be starting a second round of Whole 30 on our return to counter vacation excesses.

Took me a few days to legitimately throttle back, but it’s been a lovely break away from the norm.

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