Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Our last day of vacay in Charleston (a week ago this past Friday) was lovely.  We spent most of the day at Magnolia Plantation, wandering the gardens, checking out the Audubon Swamp Garden, and taking pics of the wildlife (we got several good ones of gators).  We ended the day with a stop by the Angel Oak, which was awe inspiring, but left us generally frustrated because a tour bus of about 50 people besieged the site, making taking pictures impossible.  A word about photographer courtesy: If someone is trying to take a picture don’t walk in front of them and get in the way. IT’S RUDE. Have some situational awareness.   All in all, it was a lovely, if fast, vacation.  And because it was fast, it wasn’t what you’d call restful.
  2. Life has been a little busy here at Casa Nolan since we got back.  There was all the laundry and housekeeping, and food prep, and then once I got back to work on Monday, a week of scrambling to catch up there, on top of figuring out what all I will need to manage while my boss is out of the country the next two weeks.  And I’ve got to scramble to get my summer class updated to go with the new textbook.  Someday…someday I won’t have to teach…
  3. We intended to start Whole 30 on Monday.  And we did.  And then my mother in law’s birthday happened.  So we started over.  And then Mother’s Day happened (well, for me it happened yesterday when I went up to see my mommy).  So we’re starting over again tomorrow.  I’m about to do my menu planning for that and get some batch cooking done.
  4. Not much has happened on the writing front.  I have been slowly working my way through a first pass revision on Sooper Seekrit Project Book 2.  Awesome Editor has Book 1, and I’ve opted to go ahead and write Book 3 before I go back to tackle revisions on the first one, as I didn’t KNOW everybody when I wrote it, so a lot of the characterization was flat (also, it was a NaNo project, so it was written all Speedy Gonzales style).  I’ve just barely started plotting out Book 3.  That’s going slower than I’d like, but I’m conceding that after cranking out 53k words in 23 days last month during Camp NaNo, I am in desperate need of refilling the well.
  5. I’m in a serious Spring Cleaning phase right now, and trying to tackle a room or at least a piece of a room every day.  I’m all about cleaning out and tossing out things we don’t want or need, getting clutter put away and cleared out.  That’s part of my process when I finish a book.  I have to dig out before the next one. There are other household projects that need attending to, but I suspect my creative engines will be firing again before I get to that part.
  6. A part of me wants to make a list of all the unfinished projects around the house and form a schedule for tackling them.  But I’m kind of afraid of how long that list would be.  You know?  That is the kind of thing that once you see, cannot be unseen, and then it will haunt me.  Which would probably result in a lot of it getting done, admittedly, but also would make me neurotic as hell.  Maybe a mini list of stuff that I’d like done this year…
  7. I’ve got my purple belt test coming up in June.  I’ve really got to kick my taekwondo training into high gear.  The last six months has been kind of treating water, with lots of stuff going on, classes missed, and just general lack of focus.  But it will’ve been a year since I got my blue belt, so it’s time.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Whole30 sounds interesting.

    I have a lot of little things around the house that need to be done, too, so I can sympathize. One thing at a time and keep breathing. 😉

  2. I loved the link to Magnolia… it’s a sad thing, but as a Northern gal, there’s a lot of the deep South history that is just lost and hidden away from us (all too often in the name of political correctness and such), and enjoying the lingering beauty of a plantation sometimes doesn’t seem politically correct. (My father scolded me for talking about the beautiful castles and palaces they have in England, because unless they were ruins, to him, they were a lingering sign of how the aristocracy used and abused regular people. He didn’t like the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY for the same reason… though if you’re ever up this way, let me know and I’d be happy to show you around our historic homes too, Kait)

    I hear you on that list of undone projects. I’d suggest picking a set number, say ten or fifteen, that are weighing the most heavily on you, then work on five as the hugest priorities. Then, after you’ve done five, move up another five off your list, but add five more… This way you’re rotating through, and because in your mind (and on the list) you already have a backlog, you might be less inclined to take on extra projects just because they look/feel sparkly.

    Just a thought.

    Enjoy your 30 (we all should cut out extra sugar these days… is it my imagination, or is it becoming harder and harder to do?)

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