Belated Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. The last week has been super busy catching up on All The Things that got put off, either in the name of finishing that first draft or because we were on vacation or whatever.  So the story of my life the last week has been GO GO GO GO GO.
  2. I’ve got approximately 2 weeks left to finish updating my summer class to go with the new textbook.  It drives me crazy when they put out new editions.  Especially for subjects like Theories of Learning, which hasn’t changed much since the 70s.  There’s very little actual NEW material, they just moved stuff around in different chapters–just enough that I mostly can’t use my old lectures wholesale.  And since I teach online, this means updating the powerpoints and RERECORDING (and re-editing) them.  Time consuming PITA.
  3. I finished first pass revisions on Sooper Seekrit Book 2 yesterday morning.  Book 1 is still with Awesome Editor, so I’ll let Book 2 sit until Book 1 comes back.  Meanwhile, my focus is on getting Book 3 fully plotted.  I knocked out the concept for Act 1 this morning.  Hoping I’ll be ready to dive into that one on Monday…that will put me having taken a month off from drafting, which is very unlike me.
  4. I’ve been taking advantage of the time off to get to a few things around the house that have been lingering for…approximately the 4 years since we moved in.  Saturday I tackled cleaning out the guest room.  There was lots of evidence of the hurried “OMG, people are coming over. Hide the stuff so we look like civilized, neat people!” brand of cleaning–which means, of course we forgot about most of that stuff.  I tossed out 3 garbage bags full of stuff, did some reorganizing, and moved a couple of boxes of stuff into the attic.  I seem to be managing about a closet a year since we moved in.  I just seldom stop writing long enough to get to this kind of stuff.
  5. I’m ready for some serious hermitude after the last week.  Between Mother’s day, family coming to town on my side and hubby’s, lunch with friends, girls’ night, and another friend of hubby’s coming to visit, I had WAY too much social interaction.  All GOOD, I’m just really drained.
  6. Hubs has introduced me to Baby Daddy on Netflix, which is hilarious.  I love a good sit com.  There’s a love triangle (which normally I hate) and I can’t decide which team I’m on.  But it’s good, light, funny entertainment, which is about where my brain is right now.
  7. Been reading a ton.  Finished Starfish Moon, the last of the Brides of Blueberry Cove from Donna Kauffman.  Knocked out the last of Sarah Morgan’s Puffin Island Trilogy Christmas Ever After (which was released as One Enchanted Moment in a collection for some reason instead of independently in the US), which I totally loved.  Also read Jen Frederick’s Revealed To Him, which was surprisingly good.  Finished Maisey Yates’ One Night Charmer.   Blew through the first of Brenna Aubrey’s Gaming the System series At Any Price.  Great narrator for the audio.  I started Tricia O’Malley’s Wild Irish Heart this morning.  I’ve picked up and put down a lot of stuff.  I have a 6 month Kindle Unlimited subscription that I’ve been using to fill my desire for audiobooks, but I’ve blown through the entire romantic comedy section and I’m running low on things I really want to listen to.  But my Audible subscription kicked back in this month, so I just have to narrow it down and decide what I want.

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