Final Round 3 #ROW80 Check-In

I have been generally lousy at actually checking in this round.  Not because I didn’t have things to report, but just because I was busy DOING said things and not taking time out for anything else.  So, to review

Goals for Round 3

  1. Oldie but goodie, write 20 days out of every 30.
  2. Finish writing Turn My World Around, the Wishful novel (#6) I’m 2/3rds of the way through with.  
  3. Finish revisions on Dance Me A Dream (#8), another Wishful novella that’s my contribution to a holiday anthology releasing later this year.
  4. Revise Sooper Seekrit Project Book 1.
  5. Plot out Sooper Seekrit Project Book 3.  
  6. Begin formatting Wishful books for print editions.

How I Did

  1. I wrote 65 days out of the last 83 (since I track my stuff by actual calendar month, not just by round).  In that span, I cranked out 102,825 words.
  2. I did finish Turn My World Around, which released September 1st.
  3. I also finished revisions on Dance Me A Dream, which were next to nil. Awesome Editor said it is the closest thing to perfect I’ve ever handed her.
  4. I didn’t even touch Sooper Seekret Project Book 1.
  5. Didn’t do any plotting on Sooper Seekrit Project Book 3
  6. And I didn’t touch the formatting for print editions.
  7. What I did do is jigger around my production schedule to push back the Sooper Seekrit Project’s release until after the first of the year and moved up the next book in my Wishful series (which may or may not end up as the first of a related spin-off series..we’ll see).  This is Autumn and Judd’s book, which I’ve been waiting to write for nearly two years.  And once I gave it the go ahead, Autumn was more or less “Move over, honey,” and spewed out the first 40k in 20 days (which actually got her together with Judd) And then she abandoned me to slog through the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle on my own.  In any event, I cranked out this entire book and sent it off to Awesome Editor this weekend.
  8. And I began the expansion of Wish I Might, the novella I have in the Virtually Yours anthology.  It comes back to me in October and I decided that I wanted to flesh it out a little.  I expected maybe a scene here or there.  Ten scenes later…it’ll probably wind up a short novel.  So once that’s done, I’ll be releasing it out into the wild on its own.

So, all in all, it was a very very productive Round.  I’m quite happy.

4 thoughts on “Final Round 3 #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Congratulations on your seemingly endless productivity! You inspire and exhaust me at the same time.

    BTW – I tried to sign up for your novella class, but it wouldn’t let me – said registration was closed. I contacted WANA support.

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