Post NaNo Dig Out and Christmas Prep

We had a good, hard frost this morning.  This is a sign we’re heading on into my favorite time of year.  No, I don’t mean Christmas.  I mean all the stuff I’m allergic to is going to stop growing and for the next three months, I’ll be able to breathe!  Also, I’ll look fetching in […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

I am officially ready to move into a bubble.  After last week’s cold, I ended up with a 24 hour stomach bug Thursday of THIS week.  I have since bought more probiotics and immune booster vitamins in gummy form (because I’m a lot more likely to take my vitamins if they’re gummies).  Also got my […]

Merry Christmas Holidays To Me!

Well I’ve had a glorious first day of my holiday.  All I did was go for a nice 3 mile run (broke 12 minute mile even though I hadn’t run in 3 weeks, thank you very much), do some plotting on one of my projects, walk the dogs, have a nap, experiment with some gluten […]

Favorite Christmas Movie?

Quick and dirty post this morning.  I’m on the road today to go see family a few hours away. So let’s talk Christmas movies.  What’s your favorite?  Mine is, hands down, White Christmas.  

Oberon Design: Art In Leather and Pewter

I never got around to blogging this morning.  Oops.  My day got crammed really full and I guess it slipped my routine.  Since it’s late in the day, I won’t bore you.  But I will share with you the Nook Covers that I’ve been lusting over all day.  Oberon Design (which I found courtesy of […]

The Season of Temptation

The Season of Temptation has officially begun.  It’s that last 3 months of the year that has a tendency to add 5-10 pounds to our New Year’s Resolution.  Of course they rolled out the candy over a month ago.  I think I actually started seeing Halloween decorations and costumes in JULY.  But I resisted.  Mostly.  […]