Oberon Design: Art In Leather and Pewter

I never got around to blogging this morning.  Oops.  My day got crammed really full and I guess it slipped my routine.  Since it’s late in the day, I won’t bore you.  But I will share with you the Nook Covers that I’ve been lusting over all day.  Oberon Design (which I found courtesy of Lori Devoti) makes some of the most gorgeous leather products I’ve ever seen.  The Nook covers are a whopping $67 (which launches them into the realm of “frivolous” for me because there’s not a darn thing wrong with my current cover), but they are OH SO PRETTY (and very high quality leather, obviously).  I mean, how gorgeous is that?  I’m in love with about 5 of their designs.  I might splurge with Christmas money and buy myself one after.  They do, of course, have covers for Kindles, the iPad, moleskin notebooks, and a bunch of other stuff if you’re looking for unique gift ideas.

7 thoughts on “Oberon Design: Art In Leather and Pewter

  1. Oh my. That cover looks like a path in my woods. I love stuff like this. I hope Santa brings you one. When you get a chance you need to Google Paperblanks journals. You’d like those too. I’m going over to Oberon desigh to check out the others. Thanks!

  2. I have one of these covers for my Kindle and getting ready to purchase another one for my Nook Tablet… well worth every penny spent (especially if you drop things a lot). The pictures do NOT do them justice.

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