Blood Brothers

Hot damn! It has been a very very long time since I picked up a book that was good enough it was worth staying up until 2 am on a work night to finish it. But last night I read Nora’s latest, Blood Brothers. And it was awesome. I’ve been waiting on these books since the first hints of them came out. They aren’t about what I thought (with a name like Blood Brothers I had envisioned something about vampires, which was probably a silly thought given the Circle trilogy that came before it), but they’re good. Or rather this one was good. Of course, now I have to wait until June for the second one and December next for the third.  I think the last one that kept me up was the second or third in the Circle trilogy.  My husband and I had serious words.  We were in the middle of renovating our new house so that we could move in and he took the book and hid it from me to make me go to bed.  I was livid.

Anyway, it got me sort of mentally mapping the overall event sort of arch for my Totem trilogy with the sort of archetypal “this is how the journey goes” stuff.  And it was really wonderful to get an infusion of good story and well done dialogue and prose.  Her dialogue really jumped off the page and made me see it.  I really needed to see it to get my brain back on track for doing it myself.  So today’s project is going back and seeding the interactions between Livia and Nick to make this kiss I need to write, not only believable, but inevitable.

I don’t know what it is about reading really good books that makes me want to write my butt off.  Some people read really good books and feel like they can’t possibly measure up (and I suppose many of those folks don’t need to be writers in that case).  Good books really make me excited about writing again, which is why I ought to read more of them.  That comes back to the whole time factor again.  Never enough of it.  I so need a 36 hour day.  Anyway, if you’re looking for a good read, you can’t go wrong with this one (well I guess if you don’t care for oogy boogy demonic stuff a la Buffy without being quite so campythen maybe this isn’t for you).

2 thoughts on “Blood Brothers

  1. …to make this kiss I need to write, not only believable, but inevitable.

    Just that you said it that way tells me you’re halfway there already.

    I have to go now an work off a mad at the horrifically cruel and obnoxiously high-handed behavior of your husband. I never realized that he liked to live on the edge. I hope he was living on the couch for a bit.

  2. I know! Sometimes it sucks that he’s literally twice my size. Hard to make him a couch jockey. He only did that once though, so I suppose it’s something. He said I was crazed and obsessed. Well DUH! And of course I didn’t sleep. Which totally defeated the purpose of him hiding it away…asshole put it way up high where I couldn’t see it. Am I bitter…maybe a little ;).

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