I haven’t written since Saturday, and I’m starting to get a tic.  Well not a visible one but a mental one.  I’ve been doing a lot of work on my Google Notebook trying to work out the details, record the stuff that’s going to stay the same, make notes of what will change.  I decided […]

Blood Brothers

Hot damn! It has been a very very long time since I picked up a book that was good enough it was worth staying up until 2 am on a work night to finish it. But last night I read Nora’s latest, Blood Brothers. And it was awesome. I’ve been waiting on these books since […]

Ascension To Geekdom Complete!

Okay, so as I said in yesterday’s progress report, my words were there but they were just kind of blah. It’s information that’s useful for me to know and might be sprinkled elsewhere in the book, but really isn’t all that interesting for the reader to slog through unless she is interested in decorating and […]

Blurb File Friday

Just so you can see someone besides Harper, here’s the scene from Totem following last week’s snippet where Harper meets Ethan. [Copyright, common decency, mine mine, don’t steal, don’t copy, link if you will, yadda yadda…] Is this what besotted feels like? Ethan stared at the office door, now shut, through which Harper had taken […]

Blurb File Friday

Today, another excerpt from Totem. The heroine, Harper, is racing to tell her dad that her art teacher is recommending her for a scholarship as this scene begins. [Copyright, common decency, mine mine, don’t steal, don’t copy, link if you will, yadda yadda…] Twenty minutes later Harper raced up the stairs of Lander Hall, not […]

Weekend Domestic

It has been my holy grail this week to try and find something to read.  It’s not like there’s a dearth of reading material in my house.  Indeed, the leaning tower of To Be Read books is alarmingly high, but there hasn’t been anything in it that struck my fancy.  I picked up at least […]


It’s official!  My red herrings worked!  My mother in law just finished reading Houses of Cards and didn’t know for sure who the bad guy was until I revealed it.  She had it narrowed down to two by the last 70 pages or so, but the red herring I planted was sufficient to cast enough […]

Blurb File Friday

Today’s contribution from the blurb file is from my YA novel Totem: The Other Dark (It’s the first of a trilogy). It’s a dream sequence from Chapter Two. [Copyright, common decency, mine mine, don’t steal, don’t copy, link if you will, yadda yadda…] In the center of the village a fire burned. The entirety of […]

Daily Progress Report

Well the progress was a little dicey today. In terms of adding words to the actual manuscript, I only got 40 words! I cut a whole lot more than that from various sections of fluff that were unnecessary to the overall plot. As I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening next, I finally sat down […]

Daily Progress Report

Totem: 954 Daily Goal: Met Well, I finally broke down and did it.  The thing I am always loathe to do, given that I am a pantser by nature.  I outlined.  Only so far as I’ve written up to this point (I’m not into planning out all the spiffy little details of the entire plot…that’s […]