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Daily Goal: Met

Well, I finally broke down and did it.  The thing I am always loathe to do, given that I am a pantser by nature.  I outlined.  Only so far as I’ve written up to this point (I’m not into planning out all the spiffy little details of the entire plot…that’s not fun for me).  I wrote out an outline by chapter, with bulleted lists of scenes, color coded by character.  With the apparently unflagging assistance from Pot (most specifically, her impressive ability to kick my ass as an editor and make me like it), and some suggestions from my pal Jen, I have rearranged, cut, tightened, expanded, clarified, emoted, and made a list of scenes I have yet to add.  Thank you, Ladies!  I’m down to writing 2 scenes from the bad guy’s perspective and expanding a stalker scene to include another sighting of Harper’s mom’s ghost.  WOOT!  Considering my piddling 186 words from this morning, I am ecstatic to be back on track.  I also have a massive headache because I am completely fried.  And I need to print out a new outline because the first one has scribbles all over it, including arrows of “move this here” and “add this here”.  Tomorrow’s project is to put in those missing scenes and figure out where to go next.  Time for bed.

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