It’s official!  My red herrings worked!  My mother in law just finished reading Houses of Cards and didn’t know for sure who the bad guy was until I revealed it.  She had it narrowed down to two by the last 70 pages or so, but the red herring I planted was sufficient to cast enough doubt until the final confrontation.  Woo!  I consider this a great success.  My mother in law has an almost supernatural ability to figure out whodunit at the very beginning of books and movies.  She compared me to Nora, which I am taking as a very very biased and wonderful compliment.  Nobody else out of my group of readers has finished yet.

This weekend is my time to catch up on all the stuff I let slide while I was finishing the book.  Like the super duper cleaning of the house including dusting, washing all the dog beds, polishing the stainless, etc.  I also am getting around to a few small projects that have been waiting since the beginning of summer.  I’m about halfway through my To Do List.   Trying to dig out and get organized and write up a budget.  I’m hoping to finish everything up tomorrow so that Monday I can sit down and get back into writing.  More than likely I will pick back up with Totem, but I’m going to prowl around a handful of my other pieces to see if anything else hits me.  Off to finish going through the zillions of decorating magazines my mother passed on.

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