I haven’t written since Saturday, and I’m starting to get a tic.  Well not a visible one but a mental one.  I’ve been doing a lot of work on my Google Notebook trying to work out the details, record the stuff that’s going to stay the same, make notes of what will change.  I decided the best thing to do will be to plot out/outline the murder investigation and then go back and weave the relationship plot through that and see how to best make it fit.  That’s my plan tonight as we continue our NCIS marathon.  So it’s all really practical, useful stuff.  But I’m waiting to try to get some of my questions answered before I go haring off in some other direction and have to rewrite stuff AGAIN.  I have to decide what the specialties are of each of these people on this team of investigators.  I have to decide whether this is a formal team that works together often (and how long Kensie has been with them) or whether they were assembled specially for this case (I’m thinking no because what’s so special about this case over others at the beginning?) or whether the team is local and they send Kensie as profiler to work with them, or whether they just pull folks from all over based on who was available.  In terms of premise, I think what I will wind up going with until I can find someone to say otherwise is that the local field office is tied up with some other big thing (related to counter terrorism, counterintelligence, or cyber crime as those are the big priorities for the FBI right now), so they bring folks in from somewhere else.

Anyway the not writing is driving me nuts.  I didn’t mind so much on vacation because I was recharging.  But now I’m home, and I’m ready to get back in some routine.  Pot suggested I revisit Totem, as that’s a world purely of my own creation without the sorts of rules I’m worried about breaking with HOC at the moment.  I might revisit TD as well.  See if either of them hits me.  I want to work on something while I’m waiting for my various requests for info to assorted parties and organization to be answered.   I don’t want to get out of the game, you know?  I feel rusty when I take a day off and now I’ve got two weeks (almost)!?  So we shall see.

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