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AHFH: 1217

Daily Goal: Met

My heroine fell off a roof today.  It’s okay, the hero saved her, but I could use some saving myself.  Here we have another sterling example of me going off half cocked without enough planning on my plot.  I am usually pretty good about thinking up the set up.  And often I’ll think through either the mystery or the relationship, but I never seem to get my crap together before I begin because, well, I’m impatient to begin.  Pot’s been quizzing me on questions I need to know the answers to but don’t yet.  Like why does the heroine fall in love with the hero, and therefore how can we take those reasons and present situations that display whatever those characteristics are.   I confess I haven’t been giving it as much attention as it deserves because Blood Brothers came out today and it’s totally calling my name….

Anyway, I am in search of plot.  Must give some more thought to this.  I have a few more scenes that I know need writing so hopefully that will keep me in productive mode until I figure it out.

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